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Past Events

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Spring 2010Uncovered: The Policing of Sex Work

Fall 2005

Gender and Migration: A Symposium

The symposium’s goal was to explore many of the manifestations of abuse and inequalities in the realm of women and migration, while also striving to formulate appropriate responses, identify avenues for resistance, and discover means through which migrant and immigrant women might be empowered through the process of migration.


Women and War: A Critical Discourse

This Symposium commemorated the Berkeley Women’s Law Journal’s 20th Anniversary.


Coalitions at the Crossroads

Symposium jointly sponsored with other journals and organizations at Boalt Hall


In Critical Condition: The State of Women’s Health and Access to Care

Proceedings from this symposium can be found in Volume 17 of the Journal (2002). To order a copy of Volume 17, please refer to our Subscriptions page.


Looking to the 21st Century: Under-Represented Women and the Law.