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Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice 2018 Symposium- Opening Remarks

“Good morning,
We are Lili Siegel and Ari Jones, and together are the Symposium Editors for the Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice. Thank you so much for joining us today, and thank you to the many people who made this event possible, as well as the entire student staff of the journal.

In keeping with the spirit of this event, we’d like to center the extraordinarily important and under acknowledged staff who have worked so hard to make today possible. Berkeley Room Planning, Facilities, and IT— it’s been a long road, so thanks for sticking with us. To Kira Abrams, our amazing journal administrator whose hard work and professionalism smoothed this process immensely, thank you so much. To the folks at Bancroft Catering, food makes the world go round and we appreciate you.

The mandate of our journal is to publish feminist legal scholarship that critically engages the intersection of gender with one or more axises of subordination including, but not limited to, race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability status. Put simply, we want our journal to be a platform to elevate the voices and concerns of underrepresented, marginalized people in legal academia and beyond. We wanted this to be an eclectic conference, welcoming new people and community to the law school, and, we hope, creating new and counterintuitive communities as it goes. While no effort at inclusion is above reproach, we are gratified by the way in which today’s speakers reflect our journal’s commitments.

This conference was imagined in a tiny journal office covered in feminist literature, that for some of us provides a sense of community not usually found in law school. And at an airport protesting with millions. Passing by the tented community on the freeway in Berkeley. Home is a concept with nearly universal resonance and almost as many differing interpretations. It is also a concept contested with perhaps atypical force in the current political moment.

We’ve been asking people about home for months now and are always struck by the depth and breadth of their answers. From the sensory, it smells a certain way, to the political, my home is divided by borders, to the aesthetic, I remember the color of the curtains in my childhood bedroom, to the existential, is my place in the world unusually imperiled in the current political moment? everyone thinks about home.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and thank you for coming.”


We welcome you to review our full 2018 Symposium agenda here and to check out our Facebook Event page to see photos and reviews of the Symposium. We also invite you to review our 2018 Symposium Resources Page to learn more. You can also listen to a recording of the symposium here.